Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Oscar Watch: Fences (2016)

The Tony Award-winning play Fences by August Wilson finally makes its way to the big screen and stars Denzel Washington and Viola Davis who previously won Tonys for the roles they are portraying. So we already know they are going to nail and inhabit their roles.

Judging by the trailer, I think this could be a strong Best Actor play for Denzel Washington. It looks to be a very bombastic and demonstrative performance from him which is the kind that voters often love. It also helps that Washington is a very beloved figure, having won 2 Oscars and been nominated a total of 6 times. Viola Davis is also very beloved, having won an Emmy, a Tony, and 4 SAG Awards. There should be an Oscar on her mantle somewhere.

A while ago, I did a post on the debacle of Viola Davis' category placement. But depending on the role she has, she could go Lead. The trailer doesn't focus as much on her as it does on Denzel. But she did go Lead for The Help even when she could've gone Supporting and ended up almost winning for The Help. So no matter where she goes, she could be very strong. Plus, going by the end of the trailer, she does have an emotional "scene."

The film in general looks like a strong acting showcase and is something that I'm pretty interested in. I love the two main actors and I do want to support whatever diverse stories there are out there. Stage to film adaptations tend to be pretty tricky so we'll see how the movie delivers. But regardless of the film's outcome, I think the actors will deliver.

What do you guys think? Do you think it looks like a legitimate Oscar contender and do you think it looks like a great film in general? Please feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!