Thursday, August 11, 2016

Topic Of The Day: Suicide Squad 2 Ideas (Part II)

So I posted Part I of my ideas for the inevitable Suicide Squad sequel. In that post, I shared my thoughts on how they can improve on the previous film's story structure and character development. For this post, I will share my thoughts on which new characters they should bring in and why they should be introduced. Let's take a look:

First and foremost, I think they should bring in more female characters. The audience turnout for Suicide Squad on its opening weekend was 46% female. So they should continue to reflect its female audience and what it brings to the table.

One character that they should bring in is Poison Ivy. After Batman and Robin, the character could use a do-over and it would be neat for them to explore the dynamic between her and Harley Quinn from the comics. Plus, seeing Harley in a bond with someone who's a less dominant and more loving equal to her could make the film more accessible to those uncomfortable with the mistreatment of Harley from the Joker in the first film.

Since El Diablo is (*spoiler alert*) unable to appear in the sequel, so to speak, they could certainly use another metahuman. So I would go with Killer Frost. One reason being that her powers of ice manipulation with her hands are super cool and she was already a member of the Suicide Squad in the animated film Batman: Assault on Arkham. 

Now, I would go with someone like Catwoman to join the team. But I'd rather shine a spotlight on someone less well known like Plastique who is an explosives expert. Sequels are supposed to think bigger and in this case, bigger means more action. Explosives help equal more action.

However, one big name that I would introduce is the Oracle, aka Barbara Gordon who was Batgirl but became the Oracle after being paralyzed by the Joker. If the Joker becomes the villain the sequel, they could have the Oracle aid the mission as a part of her own personal vendetta.

Now onto the boys. First off is Deathstroke. In a way, he is similar to Deadshot except Deadshot is the type of assassin that will figure out who he's shooting at before doing so while Deathstroke will strike first then ask questions later. But that would make Deathstroke serve as a perfect foil to Deadshot. Plus, because he could serve as such a great foil, he could either be a villain or join the team.

Next up is the lesser known Clock King because he is very tactful and a master planner which could make him a valuable asset to the team. With how he puts a lot of emphasis on being timely and plotting, that would provide an easy window for collaboration amongst the team which is something I found to be severely lacking in the first film.

Lastly, while I wouldn't introduce Catwoman, I would throw in the underrepresented Catman. He is somebody that audiences can identify for a couple reasons: One is that he is kind of like El Diablo because of him being an anti-hero struggling with his morality. He also identifies as bisexual and the LGBTQ community is typically underrepresented in the superhero genre. They did well in the diversity department in the first film and they do want to be sure to continue to represent everyone.

So those are my thoughts on who they should bring in for the Suicide Squad sequel. Whether you agree or disagree, please feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!