Sunday, November 8, 2015

Pick Their Franchise: Jack O'Connell


Hello, Bloggers, welcome to another episode of Dream Cast. For this episode, I'm going to be doing something different. These days, when pushing new and young talent, Hollywood tends to give emerging stars their own franchise or at least a part in one. Since Jack O'Connell is a fast rising star and is likely, or will, getting franchise offers, I figured I'd share my thoughts on which one, or which character, he should sign on for to raise his profile. Let's take a look:

Han Solo: I've already discussed why why he should be in the upcoming Han Solo prequel, but I'm going to continue to. Thankfully, the prequel isn't set to come out until 2018. So hopefully his schedule will be free by the time they film.

Robin: Robin is a character in the Batman universe I haven't been too crazy about. But if there is one actor that I believe will make him cool if he were reintroduced on screen, it'd be Jack O'Connell. Also, if they were to introduce Robin's tragic backstory involving the death of his parents, O'Connell could also pull off the required gravitas as well.

Venom: He may not be as hulking as the character in the comics, but anybody that has seen Starred Up knows that he is pretty cut. He's fit enough for the role and if Venom were introduced in the new Marvel Cinematic Universe, O'Connell could give us the best MCU villain since Loki. Especially considering how poorly Marvel handles their villains.

James Bond: Sure, he might be a little too young at 25. But Daniel Craig's days as Bond are quickly becoming numbered due to his age and they might want someone who will be around for a while to play the character. He could also introduce a newer more rugged Bond to reinvent the character and make it his own.

But what do you guys think? Which of these characters do you feel should make O'Connell the star he deserves to be or do you think he should play any of these characters? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!