Sunday, April 26, 2015

Indie Review: Weekend (2011)


                 A 'Weekend' I Never Wanted To End
           Since writer/director Andrew Haigh created the HBO series Looking, that was sadly cancelled, and burst onto the scene with the subject of this review, I now get the sense that we are starting to see a new, refreshingly creative voice for LGBT fiction that doesn't delve too deeply into the struggles of being gay and paints his characters as simple human beings trying to 'be'.

        Weekend follows the story of a man named Russell (Tom Culleb) who, after partying with some straight friends one night, goes to a gay bar where he meets Glen (Chris New). Russell and Glen then have sex at Russell's apartment and the rest of the film deals with them finding out more about each other while dealing with the complexities of a relationship over the span of one short weekend.

        I'll start off with the performances by the two leads, Tom Cullen and Chris New. Those two have such outstanding chemistry as two men with slightly different ideals since Russell is more open-minded when it comes to relationships while Glen says he, and I quote, "doesn't do boyfriends." That whole complex dynamic allows the two actors to reveal layers of heartbreak as well as light humor while helping each other shape who they are.

        Next, I'll discuss the writing and direction by Andrew Haigh, who is also the creator of the recently cancelled HBO series Looking. What he does here is he always keeps the camera rolling which allows us to witness many angles of the main relationship, from the conversations to the sexual intimacy. Not only that, but Haigh demonstrates how a stranger can come into your life and help shape it while also revealing the complexities of a simple relationship in general and not just a gay relationship.


        Overall, Weekend is a flawless look at relationships with layers of entertainment and heartbreak that also has such refreshing authenticity shown by writer/director Andrew Haigh and the two dynamic leads.

        Would I Recommend It?:
        Yes, but with a small warning. Some viewers might be turned off by the film's gay content. But if that doesn't bother you, you should give it a watch.

Grade: A+

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