Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Topic Of The Day: Why The Oscars Should Stop Nominating Meryl Streep

Hello, Bloggers, for today's Topic Of The Day, I will discuss something that I have been meaning to discuss for quite some time to maybe get it off my chest. That is why I feel the Academy should stop always nominating Meryl Streep. Before I officially begin, I'll just point out that this isn't meant as a dig against her. I am a fan of hers, but I just feel that it might be time for them to stop continuously protecting her record. Here's why:

The first reason is that she never has a shot at winning. Whenever they include her, it doesn't give the eventual winner any real competition because they only nominate her just to fill the category. Not only that, but it prevents a fresh face from potentially being recognized. So ultimately, it's a lose-lose situation. But to be fair, including her is a nice complement to her fellow nominees who must feel pretty good when they are nominated alongside her. I'll give the Academy that.

Another reason to stop nominating her is that she has nothing to prove. She already has 3 Oscars, plenty of lifetime achievement awards and countless other awards and nominations. We all know she is one of the best actresses working today and she doesn't always have to show up for them to prove it. That brings me to my next point. I said this when I covered the SAG winners, but going to these events must be like a chore for Meryl at this point. Since she never has a chance at winning, I would imagine that going to these award shows isn't much fun for her anymore. At the actual shows, people even always make jokes about her being nominated. I won't list them, though.

Some even tend to point out that they always recognize her because the female acting categories are hard to fill. But I call B.S. on that. Take this year's supporting actress category. There were some marvelous performances that could've easily taken her place: You had Rene Russo who plays a news head that goes from Diana Christensen to Howard Beale in Nightcrawler, Tilda Swinton as the Thatcher-esque corporal Mason with a superiority complex in Snowpiercer, Naomi Watts' self-aware turn in Birdman, Streep's co-star Anna Kendrick who breathed new life into the already existing Cinderella in Into The Woods, Katherine Waterston who brought layers of darkness to a woman with an intoxicating aura in Inherent Vice, and the Gone Girl girls: Carrie Coon as audience surrogate/voice of reason Margo and Kim Dickens as Rhoda, the stern yet easily manipulated detective. Yeah, that category was tough to fill, alright.

Honestly, it's not just with Meryl. I also feel they need to lose their buddy system where they just nominate their friends, who also never have a shot at winning, so they could fill the category. There are some rich and complex performances that come out every year. They just have to look harder and think outside their little circle.

So those are my thoughts on why I feel they should stop nominating Meryl Streep. Once again, I hope that this post doesn't come off as a dig against her. I don't think she should stop acting because I am sure she loves it and she can by all means continue. I am just saying that we don't always have to see her at the Oscars. Whether you agree or disagree, please feel free to write your thoughts in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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