Friday, November 15, 2013

Oscars 2014 Predictions: Best Supporting Actor (Updated)

Hello, Bloggers, for today, since I updated my picks for who will be nominated for Best Actor and Best Actress, I will now update my picks for Best Supporting Actor, which seems to be a pretty open race thus far. Here we go:

Barkhad Abdi, Captain Phillips: Since the release of Captain Phillips, newcomer Barkhad Abdi has been getting some strong notices for his performance. After having seen the film, I can definitely see why. One reason that I think he will get nominated is because the Academy might want to make him the first Somali actor to be nominated for an Academy Award and the Academy does like to make records like nominating the first Middle Eastern or Brazilian or Japanese actor or actress and so on and so forth to create diversity to the long list of winners and nominees. Plus, like I said, Abdi does give an outstanding performance and for his first feature film, is able to hold his own against an actor like Tom Hanks. That alone should grant him a place in the category.

Bradley Cooper, American Hustle: While the film hasn't come out yet, it has gotten some strong buzz, partly because of the talent behind it, which of course includes Mr. Bradley Cooper, who could get his second consecutive nomination and for starring in another David O. Russell picture. If he does score his second nod, then he'll really prove to his naysayers that he can act beyond playing the wise-ass like in Wedding Crashers and The Hangover. I personally always knew and recognized that he could because I really like him as an actor.

Michael Fassbender, 12 Years A Slave: Fassbender is one of the frontrunners to be nominated in this category thus far, and I am certainly rooting for him to be nominated after seeing him give such an outstanding performance as Edwin Epps, the main character's sadistic slave owner. I have a feeling some will be concerned as to whether or not the fact that he's playing such a dark character will hurt his chances at winning or even getting nominated, but the Academy usually does recognize actors who give villainous performances (Javier Bardem for No Country For Old Men, Christoph Waltz for Inglourious Basterds, Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight, Ralph Fiennes for Schindler's List, etc.).

Tom Hanks, Saving Mr. Banks: Another frontrunner thus far in the race for Best Supporting Actor, Tom Hanks seems to really be on a role this year with both Captain Phillips and Saving Mr. Banks. Interestingly, in both films, he plays real-life people and in Mr. Banks, he plays the legendary Walt Disney. The film is also a front runner to be nominated for Best Picture and like the last two winners in that category, The Artist and Argo, Mr. Banks is a movie about movies as it showcases the story of author P.L. Travers and how Walt Disney tries to obtain the rights to her book Mary Poppins and turn it into a picture. So the film's chances at going up for the top prize could easily benefit Hanks' chance at being nominated and possibly being the 12th person to have two acting nominations in the same year, with one of the first 11 being his Saving Mr. Banks co-star, Emma Thompson.

Jared Leto, Dallas Buyers Club; Much like his co-star Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto is picking up strong buzz for his performance in Dallas Buyers Club and like McConaughey, Leto takes on a physically-demanding role. In the film, Leto plays an AIDS victim who is also a transvestite. It's been a while since Leto has been on the big screen, so an Oscar nomination could easily be a welcome return for him.

Now, onto the Dark Horse contenders who could "trot" their way into the competition:

James Gandolfini (Enough Said): The film is a surprise indie hit and received a positive critical reception, especially for Gandolfini's posthumous performance.

Jake Gyllenhaal (Prisoners): Depending on whether or not Prisoners peeked a little too early, Gyllenhaal might have a fighting chance.

Jonah Hill (The Wolf of Wall Street): The film has yet to come out, but Hill is making some people's prediction lists for this category, so I would say watch out.

Chris Cooper (August: Osage County): The film is an ensemble piece with Harvey Weinstein behind it, so he could try to score some nominations for not just the film's female stars, but maybe their male counterparts.

Will Forte (Nebraska): Forte is a comedic actor doing a dramatic turn, and usually the Academy likes to reward comedic actors who go dramatic for their efforts.

John Goodman (Inside Llewyn Davis): Goodman was in the last two Best Picture winners and Llewyn Davis seems to be a contender for Best Picture, which could grant him some momentum. Plus, he has never even been nominated for an Oscar before. So, I would say be on the lookout for Goodman.

So, those are my thoughts as to who will now be nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars. If you agree or disagree, or would like to add your own picks, please feel free to write in the comments section. Thanks for reading!