Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Liebster Award

I have been nominated by Heather Martin over at That Film Girlfor the Liebster Award, which allows bloggers to discover other amazing blogs, and I want to thank her. This nomination is amazing.

Here are the rules that I have to follow:
1. Thank the blog that nominated you and link back to them
2. Nominate up to 11 bloggers
3. Answer 11 questions from blogger that nominated you
4. Give 11 random facts about yourself
5. Ask 11 questions to the bloggers you nominate when they post their nomination.

Here is who I nominate:
And So It Begins..
The Cinematic Spectacle
A Fistful Of Films

My Questions:
1. What movie is responsible for making you a film buff?

Tough question, but one that really inspires me is Star Wars. Ever since I watched it, it made me want to create my own fictional universe.

2. What is your favorite current TV show?

Family Guy.

3. What is your favorite TV show that has ended?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

4. The last (new) good movie you saw?

Inside Out. My pick for the best film so far this year.

5. If you could live in any fictional land/country/universe, where would it be?

I would go with the Wizarding World in Harry Potter. It's literally magical.

6. Is there any actor/actress/directors that you'll see their movies, no matter what?

In terms of actors, I'd go with Leonardo DiCaprio. But one director who always has me anticipating his next move is Christopher Nolan.

7. What's your favorite animated film?

Finding Nemo. Easy.

8. Where's your favorite place to watch movies/TV?

My living room.

9. What's your favorite thing to snack on during a movie?

A little traditional, but I like eating popcorn.

10. How many movies do you own?

About 196.

11. How and why did you become a blogger?

I have always wanted to become a writer and my father suggested that I created a blog to help myself get better at it. Since movies have always been my passion, I created a blog devoted to the world of cinema.

11 Random Facts:
1. The first Oscar ceremony I ever watched was in 2001 when Gladiator won Best Picture
2. Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton are my favorite actor and actress
3. Jude Law is my current cinematic crush
4. I occasionally like to bake peanut butter cookies
5. I am going for my Bachelor's in English
6. I have an intense fear of clowns
7. I can quote almost every line from Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The Nutty Professor, and Almost Famous
8. I like to sing karaoke
9. My favorite film genre is horror
10. I am a fast typer
11. Wedding Crashers is currently my favorite comedy

My Questions For My Nominees:
1. What film is your biggest guilty pleasure?
2. What is one film that you hate but everybody else loves?
3. What kind of moviegoer do you find the most annoying?
4. What is your favorite film genre?
5. What is one film that makes you cry?
6. Which Oscar win do you think the Academy should take back and why?
7. (stealing this) Favorite movie snack?
8. What was your first R-rated movie?
9. What movie is your most quotable?
10. (stealing this) How and why did you become a blogger?
11. Favorite time of day to go to the movies?

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